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Business Introducer Agreement

Business Introducer Agreement

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When you build your business, the importance of your contacts and leads becomes immediately apparent. Your client list keeps your business alive – it`s as simple as that. The way people build relationships in companies is very different, but we think a business start-up program can be really beneficial for all parties. The introductor is `Introducing`. He is recognized in his field of activity. If you are interested in becoming a professional importer with SatchelPay, write us a line here: The above recitals are included in the terms of this contract by this reference. 3.1.3 Provide time to participate in the meetings and presentations organized by the importer; 4.3 The reel submits a monthly report to the merchant on where the position with anyone who may be on the list of interested parties is made with respect to the name, date of contact and position on potential transactions. The parties do not grant each other exclusivity. Therefore, the introductor can cooperate with other brands, even with competitors of the brand, and the brand can work with other players [to confirm]. The introductor keeps copies of all agreements with sub-suppliers and the distributor has access to these agreements if it wishes. In some cases, the financial conditions of these agreements may be clouded. These sub-introduction agreements will, for the most part, be joined in the form of this agreement and a standard model in Appendix A.

The agreement also contains anti-corruption provisions – which are designed to be «SME-friendly» with a relatively simple scope and language. The contractor is not employed by the company, nor an agent, because he does not sell his products directly to them and is able to enter into contracts on their behalf. Instead, they make the first introduction and pass the customer on to the supplier to develop the customer relationship and make the sale. Where a rejected sub-importer is, at any time and for any reason, directly or indirectly related to the importer of TPL, all royalties resulting from the introduction of this sub-supplier are considered to be imported under this agreement. This document is appropriate if the supplier has to enter into short-term contracts with the same customer for a certain period of time.

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