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Greatwell Homes Tenancy Agreement

Greatwell Homes Tenancy Agreement

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Your rights and obligations depend on the type of rental you have. Rentplus works with registered suppliers (RPs) who manage our homes over 20 years of fri-leasing and offer local leasing services. The houses are leased over five years of short-term, renewable secure rentals. Tenants will have the first opportunity to purchase in the fifth year. Some of our non-short leases also allow close family members to inherit your lease, provided there has not yet been an estate and they have occupied their home as their only home or main house at least 12 months before your death. Although leases offered by all landlords of local authorities and housing companies continue to provide for the succession of their spouse or life partner, some modern leases do not provide for succession by close family members, including your children. Living in a rentier home also gives Hornsey rent security – they don`t need to move again, because they have a five-year lease with Cornerstone, who is also responsible for repairs to the property until the Hornseys buy their home. Hornseys do not have to pay maintenance or service fees while they rent. They have a rent of five years and have the opportunity to buy their house in four years.

In the meantime, they will benefit from an affordable intermediate rent, which is set at 80% of local private rentals. Some Grand Union customers have the right to purchase, i.e. if you were a customer of Mid Bedfordshire District Council or South Northants Council, if your house is moving to Grand Union and your lease has been maintained since the move. Close cooperation with local authority and local housing companies. Rentplus offers people with lower or middle incomes, without savings, the opportunity to rent a property for 5 to 20 years. Meanwhile, they can save towards a deposit and clean up a good credit rating that allows them to get a mortgage if they decide to buy.

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