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Government Rips Up Curriculum Agreement With Teachers

Government Rips Up Curriculum Agreement With Teachers

09/04/2021 • Under: Sin categoría


Aitchison added that the program`s current teacher working groups will be maintained and that the ministry will continue to work with teachers and the ATA to implement Alberta`s school curriculum. 36 Conservative MPs, along with Labour MPs Gisela Stuart and Eric Joyce, have signed an amendment to the bill that would have allowed private schools that have converted to academy status to continue to choose their pupils based on their skills. The government refused to support the amendment and it was withdrawn (The Guardian 11 May 2011). In September 2013, the DfE issued the school uniform: guidelines for boards of directors, school leaders, school staff and municipalities. For example, the ministry`s guideline, published in May 2012, has been updated, «with a greater emphasis on ensuring optimal value for money for the supply of school uniforms» (DfE 2013:3). In February 2014, the DfE published new policies on behaviour and discipline in schools. Michael Gove, who appeared on the BBC`s Andrew Marr show, said teachers should impose «severe but proportionate» sentences. Teachers` unions were not impressed: the Teachers` and Teachers` Association said Gove`s behaviour was «increasingly strange» and that schools did not need «one-off advice» (BBC News 2 February 2014). READ MORE: Alberta government brings back standardized Grade 3 tests The government would expect headteachers to take a strong stance against moral harassment – «particularly racist, sexist and homophobic harassment based on prejudice» (DfE 2010:32). Teachers would have the right to search students for harmful objects and charges against teachers would not automatically lead to their suspension (DfE 2010:34). Heads of state and government have the right to exclude children who disturb «and to have confidence that their authority will not be compromised in these difficult decisions» (DfE 2010:32). Studies conducted by Susan Hallam and Samantha Parsons, presented at the annual meeting of the British Educational Research Association, concluded that streaming …

Benefits for those who already have a high level of performance and penalize those who are placed in middle or lower categories, who are deprived of working with the most advanced. «And that streaming undermines governments` attempts to increase the achievement of all children regardless of their socio-economic status» (BBC News 25 September 2014). It warns that «confidence is dwindling» and that agreements «must be maintained.» Ministry spokesman Colin Aitchison sent an email saying the agreement gives special status to a party, the teachers` association. The Prime Minister`s official spokesman said that Johnson «has spoken several times with his counterparts so far, the latest with Charles Michel, Ursula von der Leyen and Angela Merkel on this matter.» During the course of the review, Michael Gove had asked the panel to stick to «two general positions»: «external responsibility is an important driver for the improvement of education and particularly important for the less fortunate» and that schools and teachers «should be free to give their own guidance, exercise their professional discretion and be responsible for the progress of children in their care» (2011:4). The autonomy of schools, he said, must be accompanied by a «strong responsibility» (2011:4). He says that returning to work is a «discussion you should have with your employer, but we help people who return to work, it is sure to return to the job closure.» «What matters to me is what the Prime Minister says and does, and what the British government itself says and does.» David Simmonds, president of the Local Government Association (LGA), said councils were under «unprecedented pressure» and that schools would face a «desperate shortage of places» in the near future (The Guardian, September 3, 2013).

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