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Wells Fargo Auto Dealer Agreement

Wells Fargo Auto Dealer Agreement

14/10/2021 • Under: Sin categoría


Buyers may need to budget for additional logistics if they buy a car from an independent dealership and had planned to get a loan from Wells Fargo. The financial institution, which has raised more than its share of consumer fraud allegations since the beginning of the century, will cease its indirect auto loans to up to 1100 independent auto dealers in the United States. That`s about 10% of the total number of lenders Wells Fargo does business with. The change, first reported by CNBC, is likely to affect more used car buyers than people buying new cars. We`re here to help you every step of the way, from increasing your operational efficiency to achieving your financial goals. We purchase qualified retail contracts and serve customers` auto loan accounts from start to finish. Your success is our conclusion. .

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