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Flipkart Seller Agreement Pdf

Flipkart Seller Agreement Pdf

08/12/2020 • Under: Sin categoría


As a seller, you determine the price of your products. If a person wishes to sell on Flipkart on his own position and name, such a transaction would automatically be considered a property of A. However, a form of individual business does not offer a limited guarantee to its promoter, has no partners or investors, is not easily transferable, is not sufficiently scalable and has limited access to bank credit. Therefore, it is not advisable to become a salesman at Flipkart as an individual entrepreneur. However, the following documents must be filed if you opt for an individual form: 5. You must not make negative, denigrating or defamatory statements or comments about us or the name of the brand or domain name we use, including the terms Flipkart, Flyte, Digiflip, Flipcart, or otherwise to conduct or action that could damage the image or reputation of Flipkart or sellers on the platform or other trademarks or service, denominations and/or value related to these trademarks or service, trade names that belong to us or are used by us. You agree not to take measures that impose a disproportionate or disproportionate burden on the infrastructure of the site, flipcard systems or networks or systems or networks connected to Flipkart. Thank you for the detailed information for requesting the registration of the Flipkart seller. As a registered seller, you can list items for sale on the website in accordance with the policies that are included in these Terms of Use. You must be legally able to sell the items you list for sale on our website. They must ensure that the listed assets are not infringed by intellectual property, trade secrets or other third-party property or advertising rights. Ads can only contain text descriptions, graphics and images that describe your item for sale.

All items mentioned must be included in a corresponding category on the site. All listed items must be kept in stock for a successful sale operation. The description of the article should not be misleading and should describe the actual condition of the product. If the description of the item does not match the actual state of the item, you agree to refund all the money you may have received from the buyer. You agree not to list a single product in several quantities on the website in several categories. Flipkart reserves the right to remove multiple lists of the same product you mentioned in different categories. Once the Flipkart Seller`s Registration, list of products have been downloaded, you can start selling on Flipkart. Flipkart offers a dashboard to control all operations.

Flipkart also offers promotions and advertising as well as analytical support, so you know which product works well in terms of price and other factors. The dashboard allows you to change all the details, for example – prices, enumeration signs, description, etc., but you won`t change your title if your offer is updated and you won`t change your layout. We and our affiliates share/sell/transfer/license/want some or all of your personal data with another entity, whether we plan (or our assets) to merge with that entity or be acquired by that entity, or to merge, restructure, reorganize the business or for any other reason. Should such a transaction or situation occur, the other business entity or the new combined unit will have to follow the privacy policy of your personal data. Once you provide us with your information, you provide us and our affiliate with us and our partner can use this information to provide you with various services related to your transaction, whether these transactions are made on or with the website of third parties or third parties.

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