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Franchise Agreement Training Institute

Franchise Agreement Training Institute

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5.6.5 Franchisor Intranet. Franchisor can set up and maintain an intranet that will allow franchisors, franchisees and franchisors to communicate with each other and through which Franchisor will be able to disseminate manuals, updates and other confidential information. Franchisor has exclusive power and control over all aspects of the intranet, including the content and functionality of the intranet. Franchisor is not required to maintain the intranet indefinitely and can dismantle it at any time without liability to franchisees. (f) offer ongoing training and nutrition programs; and 2.3 Non-renewal. For the purposes of this agreement, franchisees are deemed irrevocable not to renew the franchise under this agreement (and the possibility of doing so ends) if the franchisee has not executed its franchise agreement and other franchises required by the franchisor at the time for an extension and has forwarded it to the franchisee on any date during the last twelve (12) months of the initial term). this agreement. When Franchisor installs an Intranet, the franchisee has the right to use the intranet, subject to strict compliance with the standards and specifications, protocols and restrictions that Franchisor may set from time to time. These standards and specifications, protocols and restrictions may include, among other things, the use of abusive, defamatory or otherwise offensive language in electronic communications; (b) communication between franchisees or between franchisees who support or encourage a breach of a franchise`s franchise agreement; (c) the confidential processing of materials that Franchisor transmits via the intranet; (d) password protocols and other security measures; (e) reasons and procedures for suspending or revoking a franchise`s access to the intranet by the franchise; and (f) a data protection policy that regulates the access of franchisors to the use of electronic communications that franchisees publish on the intranet. Franchisees also recognize that as an intranet administrator, Franchisor can technically access any communication that each person posts on the intranet and can consult. Franchisees also recognize that the Intranet establishment and all messages sent to it become franchisor`s property, without the right to privacy or privileges that franchisees or any other person may claim.

CONSIDERING that the crossing is a system of uniform standards, procedures, specifications, merchandising and advertisements (hereafter referred to as the «system») for the operation of fitness centers (hereafter called «Fitness Center» or «Franchised Business») that offer personal fitness training, nutritional advice and other approved services, as well as health and fitness products provided by the «Services» , the personal training institute`s brand and service mark (together «property marks»); and while this can be increased from one deductible to another, the typical deductible fee is about $20,000 to $35,000.

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