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What States Allow Power Purchase Agreements

What States Allow Power Purchase Agreements

20/12/2020 • Under: Sin categoría


A POWER Purchase Agreement is a legal contract between an electricity producer (supplier) and an electricity buyer (buyer, usually an electricity supplier or a large electricity buyer/distributor). Contractual terms can take between 5 and 20 years during which the buyer buys energy and sometimes also capacity and/or ancillary services from the electricity producer. These agreements play a key role in financing assets of own property producing electricity (i.e. not held by a utility company). The seller under the AAE is usually an independent electricity producer or a «PPI.» It doesn`t make it a bad bill, but it`s not a community solar bill. And while it sounds like a tariff for selling renewable energy to participating customers, the bill continues to say that it`s not a tariff for the supply of 100% renewable electricity – a language that, it is said, avoids fighting over the circumstances of third parties can legally sell renewable energy in Virginia. SB 1226 (Edwards, D-Roanoke) allows solar developers to keep confidential certain proprietary information that would otherwise be disclosed under the state`s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It solves a problem that stopped a solar project at the Berglund Center, a public building in Roanoke. Instructs the Commission to adopt rules setting minimum requirements and standards for assessing the adequacy of electricity purchase contracts. The above AAEs must be distinguished from electricity purchase contracts in a deregulated electricity market, which are generally contracts to purchase electricity from a private generator where the plant already exists or when the plant is built at the initiative of the private generator. For examples of this type of PPP, click on the following links: Edison Electric Institute Master Power Purchase – Sale Agreement (PDF) (4/25/2000) and Tri-State PPA. Two new invoices on third-party power purchase contracts have been added since my first summary.

President Kilgore introduced HB 2390, an invoice that would extend to a small class of preferred customers in appalachian Power, the PPA pilot program currently underway in the Dominion region.

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