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Licensing Agreements Auf Deutsch

Licensing Agreements Auf Deutsch

10/04/2021 • Under: Sin categoría


Legal texts «Purchase contracts, Constituent Acts and Memorands, Licensing Agreements, Marks, Judgments, Court Documents and Documents … We always strive to find effective and practical solutions, whether in the development of enterprise, sales or licensing contracts, in the protection, prosecution, application and settlement of trademarks or employment disputes. In its legal practice, it focuses in particular on the structuring of licensing systems (including the preparation of licensing agreements, infringement and pawning agreements for intellectual property), registration and removal of trademarks, drafting and implementation of late actions (with regard to infringements and patents). , domain disputes) and the prosecution of offenders. we develop individual strategies to enforce these rights in the People`s Republic of China, register trademark and creative rights, and design trademark licensing and technology transfer agreements. We also help you negotiate and enter into trademark licensing agreements, co-existence agreements and other agreements regarding the acquisition or use of trademarks. Thanks to a licensing agreement, our machines can still be identified today with the AEG brand established at the customer`s request. In addition, Mr. Derkatsch advises on issues related to data protection and data protection, as well as the use of cryptographic devices and licensing. The licensee also holds the trademark rights to the licensee`s products; However, the purpose of this contract is not a trademark license and nothing in these terms of use implies the existence or creation of a trademark licensing agreement. In copyright, i.e. the copyright and trademark rights of the trademark holder – and each derived from a licensing agreement, the respective rights of the original owners .

If a trademark license is not included in your agreement with RIM, you are prohibited from using RIM logos without the express written permission of an authorized RIM Marketing Communications representative. Our team advises foreign companies on intellectual and industrial property protection: even if the licensing conditions are agreed upon at the time of purchase (for example, displaying online shopping by proper display before purchase or when buying in-store by clearly recognizable impressions of the complete conditions on the packaging), their effectiveness may be limited.

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