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Service Level Agreement Images

Service Level Agreement Images

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The protocol is monitored with Papertrail with server monitoring by New Relic. We use Pingdom to monitor site availability and responsiveness (available here) Our goal is to perform server maintenance as transparently as possible for the user. Standard maintenance is done in the early morning weekend (GMT). If maintenance requires a service interruption, we will notify all customers 1 week in advance. The ProdPad Holiday Calendar service is as follows, with all service requests processed on the first day of the week after the holiday: The following detailed service settings are the responsibility of the service provider in the support of this agreement. This agreement is a service level agreement («SLA» or «Agreement») for ProdPad as a service provider for all its users. This agreement depends on the fact that each party knows and assumes its responsibilities and creates an environment conducive to achieving and maintaining targeted levels of service. In the event of emergency maintenance, we will provide as many notifications as possible, but we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service. The code is continuously tested and made available daily.

Service targets are based on ticket priority, for example, low, normal. B, high and urgent, as well as the impact of the problem on the overall performance of the platform. For start-up pack customers, limited support hours are provided between 08:30 and 17:00 GMT/BST, unless a critical issue is of concern. Once the customer has provided ProdPad with the necessary notification of the problem, ProdPad will immediately register the issue and provide the customer with a ticket ID. With this ticket ID, the customer can, if necessary, refer to the problem via the online portal at The following services are covered by this agreement: All changes, updates and corrections are supported by the customer via the prodPad application and support centre from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 22:00 GMT/BST, with the exception of the public holidays described as an annex for the regions concerned. The client`s responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include sending a request through available channels and providing a detailed description of the assistance requested. In order to better assist ProdPad in diagnosing and resolving a client`s concerns, an accurate description of the (s) of the problem, the specific functions that are discussed/influenced, the steps that were observed before and/or after the occurrence, and an estimated delay in which the problem was observed. Screenshots and other descriptive support information are welcome.

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