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Sheltered Housing Tenancy Agreement

Sheltered Housing Tenancy Agreement

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You probably have a license if your agreement allows workers to enter your home to support or verify your well-being. Our goal is to offer quality, well-maintained homes that meet the needs of our tenants. Services are sometimes prone to random errors and from time to time things go wrong. Our Rental Guide (PDF) outlines the circumstances that could justify a claim. If you are unsure of their rights or status in subsidized housing: protected housing is usually in a system with a supervisor or emergency alert system. There may be common areas and social activities for the inhabitants. The lease is a «Statutory Assured Shorthold» lease – on the lease (page 1), it shows a departure date and an end date – that end date does not mean that you must move or that your lease is terminated. This is only the fixed term, usually a six-month period after which the lease is only valid every month until termination. Please note that you must inform us that you are leaving 28 days before your last day. In your agreement, you should define the type of rent or occupancy you have and explain your rights and obligations. We offer secure rental contracts to all new Council and Housing tenants. This results in a one-year lease.

Safe tenancy agreements are also available to current safe and secure tenants who are making a transfer or mutual exchange. a rent not sure if your landlord is consulting Click here to see what your rental agreement might look like. Potential, new and current Council tenants should read and understand the terms and conditions in a tenancy agreement. You can download a secure lease. You should read this in conjunction with the Tenant Manual, which contains additional information. Most subsidized housing contracts are not lifetime leases. You may have: Supported housing plans are very different and may include: A Council housing lease is a legal contract between a Council tenant and The Swindon Borough Council. It sets the terms of the lease. The hostel or shelter is owned by a council or housing company Your rights in subsidized housing generally depend on who your landlord is and the type of assistance you receive.

The following table presents a list of the tenant`s rights and whether or not they are confirmed by the different types of rental contracts we offer. a secure short-term rent (AST), if your landlord is a housing company If you are offered by the Council`s waiting list, it could be: a room in a private building could be included if it is rented by the Council or the housing company for subsidized housing. Click here to read an Easy Read guide to your rental agreement. You are probably an excluded occupant if you have a hostel or shelter and: You are stocked with food or you share a kitchen with other residents closed accommodation with visits from assistance staff It is important that all changes to the housing allowance be reported as soon as you or your support staff are aware of a change.

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