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Apec Information Technology Agreement

Apec Information Technology Agreement

11/09/2021 • Under: Sin categoría


However, it is entirely predictable that trade conflicts in information technology will not disappear, but will move to a new level: the ability of governments to use investment policy, government procurement, standards, subsidized credits, administrative guidance and other national policy instruments to offer preferences to their domestic industries after tariffs have been lifted. APEC provides an appropriate and potentially successful forum to start discussing these barriers. APEC plays a very important role as an «idea incubator» for initiatives that promote trade and investment in the region and promote various specific commitments, agreements and instruments aimed at this objective. In this regard, among others, the following initiatives stand out: ENVIRONMENTAL GOODSIn 2012, heads of state or government from all Forum member economies agreed to reduce tariffs on 54 environmental goods to a tariff of less than or less than 5% by 2015. These joint efforts have provided the basis for the development of the Environmental Goods Agreement (ETA), which is still under negotiation in the WTO. ASIA-PACIFIC FREE TRADE AREA (FTAAP) In 2004, apec Chile 2004 was proposed the development of an Asia-Pacific Region-Wide Free Trade Area (FTAAP), which would bring great economic utility by encouraging more trade and investment among Forum members. . . .

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