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Ria Solicitor Agreements

Ria Solicitor Agreements

05/10/2021 • Under: Sin categoría


The first additional requirement is that the written agreement between the third-party lawyer and the consultant must contain the following specific elements: with an increasingly competitive environment to attract new clients – especially those with large portfolios and are available to the administration – more and more consultants are starting to spend money on their business development efforts. Either to take care of outbound marketing and advertising, to organize «customer evaluation sessions» that encourage existing customers to bring a friend to refer, to establish relationships with centers of influence that can give recommendations. or simply pay directly for recommendations with prior cash or ongoing revenue participation agreements. Newsletter and other impersonal consulting services. The fees must be paid in accordance with a written agreement between the advisor and the lawyer and a copy of this agreement must be given to the client prior to any consulting contact.») Indeed, the SEC stated in the adoption statement that «a person could be a lawyer within the meaning of the rule if it makes the names of clients available to an investment advisor, even if it does not expressly recommend that the client retain that advisor [because a single recommendation is sufficient to trigger solicitor status, even if it is not a complete solvency]. But don`t be too cute here; Just because an advisor doesn`t pay a lawyer in large piles of dollar bills doesn`t mean there aren`t potential conflicts of interest to reveal.

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