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Trade In Services Agreement (Tisa) Negotiations Overview And Issues For Congress

Trade In Services Agreement (Tisa) Negotiations Overview And Issues For Congress

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This new trade report, written by Ellen Gould, was presented by PSI and Our World is not For Sale (OWINFS) at a World Trade Summit in Washington, D.C, on September 15-17, 2014. A recently leaked proposal, presented by Turkey during the TISA negotiations, argues for a system that encourages insurance reimbursement (for those covered by health insurance) for lower-cost treatment in another country. On Monday 28 April, PSI member organisations, in cooperation with civil society organisations from around the world, are mobilising for a day of action to protest against the negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). These take place regularly in secret in Geneva and the next round will take place on 28 April. You will find all the documents in the PSI campaign output kit. The governments that declared themselves this week (16 The Committee on Economic Affairs and Employment Policy met on 27 September 2013) in Geneva, secretly negotiating a proposal for a Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). The 48 countries participating in the TISA negotiations appear determined to enforce the corporate agenda, to use trade agreements to bind countries to extreme liberalization and deregulation to ensure higher profits for businesses at the expense of workers, farmers, service users and the environment. In a few words: to the detriment of people. To influence the TISA negotiations, PSI developed an exit strategy and a campaign kit. PSI has been chosen to host a workshop at the WTO`s annual forum, where we can explain to ambassadors and trade negotiators around the world why TISA undermines the quality of public services. A new report by Public Services International (PSI) warns that governments are planning to lead the world on an unprecedented liberalization tour. According to the report, this massive trade deal will jeopardize public health, broadcasting, water, transportation and other services.

The proposed agreement could prevent future governments from regaining public control of public services, even if private service delivery fails. It would also reduce a government`s ability to regulate key sectors such as finance, energy, telecommunications and cross-border data flows. An independent consultant, Ecorys, has carried out a Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) for TiSA. This study examines the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of the agreement. Robert Stumberg, professor of law and director of the Harrison Institute for Public Law/Georgetown Law, on how 30 years of liberalization and the new wave of trade agreements are limiting the role of government and deepening corporate power. TiSA is open to all WTO members who wish to open trade in services. China has asked to participate in the talks. The EU supports his request because it wants as many countries as possible to join the agreement. The EU`s positions in the financial services negotiations also raise potential concerns. For example, the European Union has stated that its position at TiSA is to maintain all existing EUROPEAN and national financial services privacy laws, which may not be in line with the US proposal57 Continued uncertainty about the UK`s status and the possible political and economic consequences of voting to leave the EU (the «Brexit») also raises questions about the Negotiations.

the EU`s position on London`s current status as the world`s leading financial sector. center.58 RadioLabour has written a special report on global trade agreements: what they are and how they will affect workers. Further documents relating to the final report as well as the Commission services` position paper on the various recommendations made by Ecorys are available on the commercial AIS webpages The discussions officially started in March 2013 and participants agreed on a background text in September 2013. . .

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