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What Is An Immunity Agreement

What Is An Immunity Agreement

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For legal representatives, the agreement must be approved by the supervising officer in consultation with the Chief Federal Prosecutor (CFF). A checklist of the issues to be dealt with in the agreement and a model immunity agreement are set out in Annexes `A` and `B` to this Directive. In States where defendants have the right to testify on their own behalf in grand jury proceedings, waiver of immunity is a condition of that right. Investigative assistance agreements must be approved by the Crown Attorney in consultation with his or her Chief Federal Prosecutor (PNP) or the Deputy PSC. Footnote 6 The CFP should keep a copy of these agreements. The agreement described in this memorandum is the entire agreement between the Director of Public Prosecutions and John Doe. 5. If Mr Wilson does not fully satisfy the requirements of paragraph 3 above, such immunity shall become null and void. .

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